Growing, Growing, Growing!!!

We had the puppies outside a lot today. Not because it was warm, but because they just love being outside. In the morning while I scrubbed their room, they stayed in the pen, but in the afternoon, I just let them run, and I took over 70 pictures of them frolicking around the back yard. I put the cutest ones in a short montage, or you can go here, and view the entire package on Flickr.

The last picture of Greta nursing all her babies just warms my heart. In fact I will include it again as it is just too adorable and makes me go, Ahhhhhhhh!

Oct 19 078

They are growing so fast, and it won’t be long until they leave me (and Greta, of course)! Three weeks and counting!

5 thoughts on “Growing, Growing, Growing!!!”

  1. Still nursing ? don’t they hurt her with their little teeth ? What adorable pictures, it must be so funny to see them running around !

  2. I don’t know why, but I thought they were already weened… maybe cuz they are so BIG! There is barely room for them to all get in there! LOL! They sure ARE cute! You would MISS them sooooo much – if you weren’t leaving for Norway soon!

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