No Sleep For Grandma!

Sunday’s are supposed to be my easy days. I sleep a little late, sip coffee, while reading the Sunday paper in my pajamas, and just not do much or think about much. Like the good Lord above, on the 7th day, I like to rest.

That was not to be the case this Sunday though. I should have known it was going to be a rough ride, as Greta woke me at 1:30, 4 and finally 6 AM. Fritz got me up at about 5 and so I’ve been operating  on a very small amount of sleep.

Since Anneliese is still in heat, we have been taking turns bringing either Arnie or Anneliese with us when we both have to go out. It’s worked out well too. Last night Anneliese got to go for a ride to our friends home, where we’d been invited to a birthday party. She wore her little sweater and snuggled in a blanket while we partied.

Oct 18 013

Today Arnie got to go with us while we grocery shopped. He wore his sweater as we are getting unseasonably cold weather here. Arnie was so cute. He would sit in my lap cuddling and then poke Hubby’s arm to make sure he knew that he was there.

Oct 18 012

When we got home, the dogs lay around, and watched the birds, people walking down the street and I got this picture of Arnie. He really is a handsome boy.

We had the puppies outside for about half an hour. The wind was blowing and the temperatures were so low, that I worried they would catch a chill.  That is crazy really because they wear little fur coats! But I froze!

Oct Schnapps2

Oct Curt

Oct Calvin

Oct Wally

And Fenway
Oct Fenway

Tomorrow begins another week. At the end of it, the puppies will be 8 weeks old. Nearly grown into self sufficient little puppies. Three weeks later they leave for their new homes.

4 thoughts on “No Sleep For Grandma!”

  1. It was cold here and it rained all day! We watched Football and it was funny to see all the snow falling on The Patriots,in October, but they WON big time. Love the puppy pictures!!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Did you get snow yesterday? It snowed in Lexington all afternoon, and I think in southern NH, most of the day!

    I will talk to Ally again about finding a time to visit the pups before they leave. I so wish we could take your extra puppy, but unfortunately, I’m just not home enough (and I think the kitties would be very angry with me too–as would my landlord!)

    Hope you have a great day!

    Love you,


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