Today was a funny day for Greta. I’m no longer allowing her complete access to the puppies and there are times when I have just set their food out and she sees it and then she starts whining and fussing. Hubby thought it was because she wanted to be with her babies. HA! It’s because she wants their food!

I heard her fussing there today and I stood up to see what she was doing and this is what I found.

Oct 17 001

Oct 17 002

Yes, she had climbed into the newspaper holder and was sitting on top of the pile whining at the puppies. She sat there staring at their food and making all sorts of noises.

Well, is just cracked me up!

11 thoughts on “Greta”

  1. Ha, Ha, Ha! I know how she operates and she is really INTO her food or any food, anywhere, anytime! She’d steal the last piece of bread from your mouth if she could!!! Oh poor little Greta missing her babies, HA!!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Oh my goodness! I am embarrassed to say I havent been blog hopping, especially here, since you first found Greta pregnant! I have posted a Photo Hunt for this weekend, and would love you to come and visit…it isnt much, but I am trying to get back to “life”. I have missed you and your wonderful blog so much sweetie! WOW, youre going to NORWAY! wow!!! arent you just the world traveler! Lucky lady!

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