The Wonderful World Of Puppies!

We’re now taking the puppies on back yard expeditions several times a day. They just love these and really fuss something awful if we put them in their pen. Occasionally we have to do that though, because Granny needs to clean out the puppy room and wash down every possible surface, and when the puppies are inside, they ‘help’ far too much! lol!

On our last outing of the day, I brought the camera. Then I started taking pictures and videos of the puppies.

The puppies are getting so big and beautiful. I just love watching them. My girl, Schnapps, and all my handsome boys.

Here is Calvin.

Oct 20 Calvin19


Oct 20 Curt4


Oct 20 Schnapps18


Oct 20 Fenway1

And Wally.

Oct 20 Wally24

Hubby and I really love these little creatures. Here is Hubby with Fenway.

Oct 20 Jack and Fenway30

And me with all of my babies.

Oct 20 032

Oct 20 031

And here is a short video of Greta and her babies. Greta is still enjoying being a Mom. And the pups sure enjoy having her to snuggle with in the afternoon.

4 thoughts on “The Wonderful World Of Puppies!”

  1. They look so big nursing! Greta is a good mommy to let them. She smart to love them up now, they’ll be off to new homes soon. Love YOU, Mel

  2. What a wonderful family. Of Mammals;)
    Makes me so happy to see the puppies and U 2.
    I can see happines all over. In every expression and movements.

    You know, we still have the youngest kitten. May be we will keep Marta, as we call her. She is so special. I will later post some photos of her. The patterns are very special. It looks like she has two Dog-faces engraved into her fur, on both sides. Amazing.
    And she makes the elder cats beeing young and playful again…

    btw. No Grandkid yet. If nothing have had happened until Monday, the process will be started with the help of the Doctors.
    Due to the H1N1 virus we are not allowed to visit Ingelin in the Hospital. Which means, we have to wait for one more week…
    My Son in Oslo got a message from the taxe authorities to day: You have to pay USD 10.500 within 14 Days. Papa had to give him some good advices and calm him down….
    And I’m happy to be able to post photos again. To day from Southern France.

    Tor and Anna
    Oslo, Norway

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