Aren’t They Beautiful?

Today I made another modification in the puppy room. I added a large doggy bed that used to belong to Fritz. The pups loved it, and when my neighbor, Jacqui came over she sat on the bed and they climbed all over her.

Oct 22 022

As you can see, the pups enjoyed climbing all over her, as well as chewing her toes! Yes, we discovered that Wally is a toe lick-er!

Oct 22 wally18

Then I decided that we needed to take every-one’s picture. I think they just get cuter and cuter every day!

Here is Curt. Gosh he is just so handsome!

Oct 22 Curt8

Next is Calvin. He is also a totally handsome dude! He looks a lot like Curt.

Oct 22 Calvin14

Then there is our Little Miss. Schnapps. She is beautiful and I swear she has a very feminine face.

Oct 22 Schnapps13

Fenway is probably the darkest of the bunch and has a sweet and lovable face.

Oct 22 Fenway11

And the brother who most resembles Fenway, is Wally, which is sort of funny. Fenway and Wally are not only brothers here, but will be going to the same home and will be forever brothers! Here is Wally.

Oct 22 Wally27

Friday should be a lot of fun because we will be working outside with them laying lines of deer blood for them to follow, as well as having some children here for most of the day. I’m babysitting for a friend and this is always a favorite time for the pups!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Aren’t They Beautiful?”

  1. Oh My they are just the most adorable little pups ever! I think Schanpps is very girly looking!!!
    Have a fun day today! Love YOU, Mel

  2. They really do get cuter every day! And in the post below (that I somehow missed yesterday) I LOVE that picture of Curt with his ears flying! THAT is the most precious picture I’ve seen yet!!!

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