I have great news for you all…Curt has a home!!! He will be adopted by Gail in New York, where he will be loved, and adored and spend his days hiking, playing and sitting by the fire! I knew almost immediately that she was perfect for Curt. It’s kind of a strange thing that happens when I find the correct person for a pup. I just get this overwhelming feeling of ‘rightness’! And I got that with the first email I had from Gail.

Oct 22 010

So little Curt has found a forever home!

The day was cool, windy, but…no rain. This meant I had the puppies outside a lot. Today’s exercise was to have them in the yard with me, one by one to see how well they followed and how well they know their names. They all did great, but I have to tell you how much Schnapps LOVES Fritz. She follows him everywhere and he nervously keeps walking. It was really quite hilarious!

At one point I had them all out with Greta and what did she do? Greta lay right down and nursed them!  They’re 8 weeks old! I can’t believe how strong her maternal feelings have been. What a great Mama she is!

At the end of the day the puppies were starting to settle into their bed for the night. The funny thing is, at one time they all quite easily fit into this bed, Now…take a look.

Oct 24 010

They don’t fit, but they work quite hard trying to get all of them into it.

Oct 24 011

The puppies all go to the Vet’s today for their shots. I’ll bring the camera again and take a million pictures, I’m sure.

In other news, cuteness abounds. Anneliese and Arnie were sitting with Hubby and I snapped this shot of them all.

Oct 24 004

Isn’t this sweet?

*****Have a great day everyone!!!*****


13 thoughts on “Curt!”

  1. I am so happy for you that lil Curt has found his home. Brings a happpy tear to my eye. The puppies all trying to get in the bed at the same time is halarious. Is hubby asleep or just looking down? I used to have my babies jump on my lap and take a nap with me.

  2. Nice to learn Curt found a family!!! they are so cute all together trying to get a place in their bed! It sounds they could say “one for all, all for one!!!!”
    Nice visit to the vet!!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Oh too cute! I love the one where one of the pups is looking at you with a face showing great bewilderment…thinking…”geez – why can’t I get into my beddie??”

    Yes, you will miss all this, MB, and will no doubt greatly suffer that empty-nest syndrome when it is time for them to go to their new homes.


  4. Ohhhhhhh yay! Curt got a home! He is MY favorite of the bunch. That face! I’m so glad someone is going to love him to pieces! I knew the right person would come forward!
    It’s getting so close now though… we’re all going to miss these puppies!

  5. Hi Mom,

    I talked to Ally and we will come up next Saturday. Not sure yet about our arrival time (middle to late morning likely). Will firm up our plans later in the week, but we will plan to visit on Saturday morning!



  6. How nice that Curt has found a home ! I like the Puppy “salad” it’s so funny how they try to get all together in this small bed, lol !

  7. So glad Curt foind his forever home. He’s a charmer, I knew it wouldn’t take long. Is she keeping the name Curt or changing it? I absolutely love the pic of the puppies all getting in that bed. That is to funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  8. Curt is a beautiful little dog and I’m so happy he found the right person to be his forever person. *hug* We are all going to miss them so much when they start going to their new homes. They will love and miss you, too Maribeth.

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