8 Week Check Up

We had the puppies in for their next shots today. They were weighed, had their teeth checked, their eyes examined and the boys were all checked for…ahem…their manliness.

It’s a lot of fun to go to see our Vets with the babies. Their first breaths were taken in their office and each time we go back, it is very much like a family reunion.

Oct 26 001

While we waited for the doctor, I played with the pups. They are so darn cute, and they love their Granny something fierce!

Soon, Dr. K. came in and the exams began. Who did she start with? Yes, her favorite. Wally! Just so Wally’s owners know, she loves the name you have selected for him and says that he really is a Wally!

Oct 26 Wally3

Wally really has such a great rapport with Dr. K and she just nuzzled him through the entire exam.

Oct 26 Wally9

Next we were on to Schnapps. Now Schnapps is a bright, energetic and alert little Miss. She never stops and holds her own with her bigger brothers.

Oct 26 Schnapps28

What a beauty she is!

Oct 26 Schnapps33

Next was our butterball, Curt. He has such a wonderful personality too. He, Schnapps and Calvin have been showing me their great noses and their real interest in what they are smelling.

Oct 26Curt40

But in these pictures, he is looking more like he is wondering what is going on!

Oct 26 Curt41

Calvin was up next and he was the most patient of the pups.

Oct 26 Calvin56

Even when they checked his teeth, he remained calm.

Oct 26 Calvin57

Meanwhile, Wally began to howl.

Oct 26 Howling Wally58

Then it was Fenway’s turn. He was a little suspicious!

Oct 26 Fenway65

But then, he started to relax.

Oct 26 0Fenway67

We did not take Greta with us, but when we arrived home and allowed the pups to run in the yard, we let her out. What did this girl do with her 8 week old babies? She lay right down and nursed them for about 10 minutes.

Oct 26 075

I am constantly amazed at the beauty of motherhood with my girls. Greta especially was an even better mother the second time around. And I couldn’t be prouder of her!

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  1. That is so funny that she had to nurse them, it is as if she new they needed a little Mommy comfort time.
    The pups look great and are just so wonderful!! Love YOU, Mel

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