News Papers & Puppy Dog Tails!

I sent Hubby off to the Recycling Center to dispose of the two dozen bags of rolled up newspapers and puppy poop! I smiled and asked him to do me a big favor.

Get me more newspaper!

I actually can brag a little here. You see all of the puppies are now paper trained! I am so please about that. Yes, I do still have a ton of newspaper to clean, but their beds and toys stay nice and clean.

I was also thinking about Greta nursing her babies yesterday. How cute it was, right? Well think back. Here are side by side photo’s of Greta nursing the babes. The first was the day they were born, and the second one is of her nursing them yesterday.

Aug 31 015 Oct 26 075

It’s amazing to me how, in just 8 short weeks they can go from tiny, helpless creatures, to puppies that run and jump and wag their tails when they see you!

Time is slipping by and soon they will be leaving for the adventure of their new life. The best part for me (aside from the extra sleep) is knowing that I had a hand in making it all happen.

6 thoughts on “News Papers & Puppy Dog Tails!”

  1. One of the best things is that you gave all the puppies this year the very best start at life. They have been warm, clean, loved and cuddled. The side by side was amazing how much the little ones have grown. 🙂

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