I slept so well on Tuesday night. It was wonderful. In fact, I slept past the time I normally get up and when I finally looked at the clock my heart sank. I had exactly half an hour to shower, dress, clean the puppy room, feed the little guys and make a breakfast to go for myself, as Wednesday is Weight Watchers day.

I lingered at nothing, and accomplished it all, and as I headed out the door I called back to Hubby “Good luck getting your breakfast!”

At Weight Watchers I lost one and a half pounds, and found the meeting to be a good one. I like our leader and find her very uplifting.

Upon my return to the house I was greeted by 9 very happy doggies. My four and the puppies all barked upon my return, with great happiness.

It was a rainy day, but I was able to get the puppies outside anyway. They played and ran about and today I caught them frolicking in a puddle. Now that was cute!

Oct 28 001

Almost as cute as their continuing to try to fit into that bed.

Oct 28 005

Schnapps, above.

Oct 28 006

Calvin, above.

Hubby and I are planning a trip just before the holidays. We’ve got a house sitter coming in to stay with the puppers and the two of us will go off someplace warm and rest up. This year has been full of life’s ups and downs, and both of us are really tired. Time to recharge the batteries!

5 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. Ah Yes! Time to rest up and recharge is just what the doctor ordered. Cute pictures as always. Love YOU, Mel

  2. Can’t wait to come visit the pups on Saturday. A and I are meeting in Nashua at 10 on Saturday morning, and will head up from there. So I’m thinking we will be to you about 11 or 11:30!

    Look forward to seeing you!



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