Fritz The Puppy Nanny

Those of you who have been with me since the first litter of puppies Greta had three years ago, might recall that our good old Uncle Fritz was terrified of the wee pups. When we held one up to him to glance at he would quickly look away.

After the brood left and just Arnie and Anneliese remained Fritz would try to hide on the sofa out of reach and the eye of those horrid creatures. This last until one day when Anneliese made Uncle Fritz fall in love with her. I’m not sure exactly how she did it, but one day he was terrified and the next they were climbing all over him.

Here’s Arnie and Anneliese with Uncle Fritz way back in April, 2007

April 15 006

Anneliese’s litter didn’t seem to bother Fritz, but he kept his distance and didn’t offer to be around them at all. I could understand the worry, so I never forced him to spend time with them.

Flash forward to Greta’s current litter. Fritz was interested right from day one. He would come by the puppy room and check out the newborns, and now will walk on by to make sure that the little ones are behaving.

Today Greta didn’t want to hang out with the pups. Personally I think she has finally gotten tired of nursing them. So Hubby and I were outside with the puppies and the Puppy Nanny, Fritz! Yes, Fritz had the best time running all around the back yard with puppies following in his wake! He even played some serious dog play with them, and they just loved it.

I raced around snapping pictures and although some are a little blurry, I did try to capture the moment.

I hope you enjoy the montage and have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Fritz The Puppy Nanny”

  1. Looks like they were all having a fine time!!! There is nothing like being outside!!! Adorable as always!!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. I love Fritz’s body language because I can see that he is so happy and secure. The puppies are adorable as always and I just love the way Uncle Fritz takes care of the little ones. Animals are so beautiful, I sometimes wish we humans were as good with eachother. I notice that when walking my neighbors dog sometimes, just try to go by another dog without a greeting!! That isn’t natural for dogs, they greet eachother. Yet we people go by us all the time not giving us a second look. I think dogs got something there 🙂

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