Lack Of Sleep

My day, on Friday, began at 4 AM. Anneliese woke me with the desire to get up and play. One thing you should know about me, I do not play well at 4 AM! I grumbled and placed her under the covers and then I was able to sleep for another hour or so.

After that I gave up and got up with all 9 dogs. I let Anneliese and Greta out in the back yard and before I knew it, they were running up our driveway (500 feet) in my night gown and a fleece jacket! Oh yeah, I was not a happy camper.

I corralled the girls and led them back to the house. Then I set about cleaning the puppy room. Let’s just say, they outdid themselves overnight.

I fed them, and then sat down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Oh thank all that is good for a great cup of coffee!

Hubby slept in and part of me wanted to hold that against him, but by the time he did get out of bed, I was past that and happy to see him.

The day was gray and although we both got a lot done, the puppies seemed to sleep an awful lot. I guess we all have our sleepy days. Of course when they were awake, oh my did they cause their fair share of trouble!

Oct 29 037

Oct 29 029

Oct 29 039

They are sleeping like little angels as I write, and soon I will be too.

Oh yes, Happy Halloween!!!


7 thoughts on “Lack Of Sleep”

  1. You remind me of a freshly baked mother who has to get up during the night for her crying baby, lol !
    Soon it will be so quiet in your house that you will wake up and find the house too calm.
    You can “admire” my Halloween costume today, tonight I am invited to the first Halloween party of my life !

  2. I sure hope you got more sleep last night! I guess it is getting time for the puppies to leave the “nest”, huh? They seem like a lot of work now.
    Happy Halloween! I like your greeting at the end! πŸ™‚

  3. You are an angel of a puppy mom. Children all need lots of fresh air, no matter the weather, even doggie kids do…I think they are so adorable enjoying the fall weather – even when you don’t. You might if you had a fur coat like they do hehehe.

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