Halloween was a fun day. My daughter, Mandy came up to visit bringing along her sister, Allyson. It was so nice to play with the puppies, run around outside, and have a nice lunch together, where we chatted about what Mandy and Allyson are up to. Mandy is busy with work and Allyson is busy at school, as this is her Senior Year of High School.

Later after they left, Emily arrived for a little visit with us. She played with each of the dogs. All 9 of them!

Here it was, Halloween and we did not have one Trick or Treat-er!

The clocks change tonight. Fall back!

8 thoughts on “Visits”

  1. Loved the slide show… And its great to see Mandy again!

    I suppose I should also say, ‘Happy Halloween’ as well, but it isn’t really celebrated here in Aust (slowly becoming so, more so as an excuse to have a Halloween Party’!

  2. What a nice day you must have had ! I suppose that Allyson is the daughter of her father if she is her sister. (Logical) My party was very funny, lots of teenies, very good food and a beautiful decoration.
    And for the first time I saw kids in the street for trick and treat ! Apparently it moves in here too now !

  3. So you had a great great halloween! The puppies enjoy the life!!! You are all very beautiful on the pictures!
    It was very quiet here as we don’t fest halloween. It began in 2000 but sounds now people stopped. As it was not our culture the only side was the commercial face. But Mélissa said to me that all young people had parties this day!!!

  4. Glad you had a nice visit; lovely pictures!!! I went with my friends Kim & Maureen to Kim’s parents’ house on Halloween and I swear, they had 250 kids! It was so cool! We sat in the driveway to get a good look at all the costumes 🙂

  5. Ahhh, lovely visit and nice pictures. I just returned from Lisbon, Mr Mar had meetings, I got to play tourist again 😉

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