Oh, How They Have Grown

I was thinking today, as I looked at the puppies, how much they have changed in the last few weeks. They came into this world totally helpless little creatures and slowly day by day they grow, and they begin to change.

I wanted to share this in a very meaningful way with you, by going back and finding their baby pictures and putting them side by side with a picture from this week.

First, here is Curt.

Sept. 2 007 Curt 1

Then there is Wally. Now here is a great frontal shot of his head at birth, and then today.

Sept. 1 003 Wally

And Fenway

Sept. 4 045 Fenway


Sept. 1 005 Oct 26 Schnapps33

And Calvin

Sept. 2 002 Calvin

On Monday the Breed Warden from my dachshund club will be coming to inspect the litter and to tattoo their right ears. They are tattooed with my kennel number and then their pup number. Here is a picture of Anneliese’s daughter, Baerbel getting her tattoo.

July 4 09 Baerbel

It is quick and a permanent marking that is required but our parent club in Germany.

Tonight I went into the puppy room and sat down and they climbed on me, curled up around me and I snuggled each one. They are all such sweet dogs and although I will not miss the work, I will miss them.

7 thoughts on “Oh, How They Have Grown”

  1. Awe, I can just imagine you sitting there cuddling each one.
    Thanks for explaining the tattoo thing. I didn´t know that.
    I´m having a giveaway today, so make sure and pop in at my blog. I would like to include you!:)

  2. Wow, they have grown and changed so much. Still just the most beautiful pups ever!!! Love YOU, Mel

  3. I see you also put hubby to work, lol ! Now they all have their official “passport”. Good for us that we don’t get that in our ears at least not yet! From fingerprints to ears is not such a far way. I hope we could choose the color then.

  4. Okay, now I am starting to feel sorry for you. Because in 2009 you have had two litters, and now I know it is soon time for you to give them up. Our hearts are with you. You are a great puppy mom!

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