Puppy Pictures & A Movie

Today we had the pups out again. The day was a beauty. Sunny, but cool, so after a while they started to get cold and we had to retreat back into the house, but they got a good run around, and so did we! (lol) I snapped a few pictures and got a short video as well, because I know I’ve been slacking off recently and it is not fair for all of you to have to suffer because I get camera lazy!

Nov. 4 001

Here is Curt rolling down the hill.

Nov. 4 Curt1

He came to a stop and righted himself!

Nov. 4 Curt4

Here is Calvin running.

Nov. 4 009

And Schnapps.

Nov. 4 011

And here is the movie with Fritz. He just loves those little guys and I think he will be lonely for them after they leave.

5 thoughts on “Puppy Pictures & A Movie”

  1. That picture of Curt is worth it’s weight in gold! How adorable!!! LOVE IT! And LOVE YOU TOO, Mel

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