The puppies are pretty much grown now and ready to go. Often buyers ask me why I keep them until they are 11-12 weeks old, especially when it means a lot of work for me?

Take today. The puppies were in rare form. They spent quite a bit of time outside running around, before I brought them in. Usually they have their dinner and go to sleep. Not tonight. Tonight we had the shredding of newspaper, the chewing of sibling ears and toes, and general madness and mayhem! Even Greta wanted nothing to do with them.

I thought I might go mad as well, with the swirling newspaper and yelps. However, this is why I keep them. Yes, there is a reason.

You see the puppies learn about proper dog behavior from me and from each other. They learn how much they can bite their sibling before it hurts and they learn about what is a toy and what isn’t. I took the newspaper from their little mouths and put mini rawhide bones in there for them to gnaw on. Eventually I got them settled, and could put up my feet, but it was a challenge.

However, I really am pleased with this group of pups. They are sweet dogs and so friendly with everyone. They have learned so much in their short 9 ½ weeks on this earth.

I found out today that they will get their tattoo’s on Monday, and then the following weekend we bid adieu to most of the pups! I cannot believe how quickly this litter went by.

8 thoughts on “Learning”

  1. The pictures from Halloween and the pups are great! Thanks for sharing!
    I am a bit behind in reading and commenting (again) but 4-day weekends are just always too busy.

    Hope you are doing good!

  2. I read your dream about your future as old Dackel Princess, hahahaha ! I come with my cats and join you, then we can both sit on the hill and watch them quarelling !! So from next week on you will be puppyless, how sad !

  3. What´s that about tatoo´s? Why do they get them, and what do they look like? Never heard of that before.
    I guess it will be pretty quiet when they are gone! Enjoy them while they are there.

  4. We need MORE pictures of the pups!!! Since they will soon be gone we must all wean ourselves from them too, But not quite yet! Love YOU, Mel

  5. I am sure that most buyers just want to know why they can’t have their pups a bit sooner! I would think they would like to enjoy a few extra weeks of their “puppy” days themselves. When we got Jewl from the pound she was only about 9 weeks old – and we loved having that little puppy for as long as we could!

  6. It’s so important, the things a puppy learns the first time in his life, It will be stuck with them for the rest of their lifes. It’s just like human babies 🙂

    I can understand both sides, bot how you’re thinking and how the future owner are thinking.

    Awww… how short time it’s left!!!

  7. You do the very right when keeping the puppies until they are teached the way you and their mother does.

    Just like we keep the kittens for 12 weeks or more.
    Then their lifes as dogs/cats will be much easier for them and their new owners.
    This weekend the last of the kittens – Marta – will move in to a new home. 3 1/2 months old. We will miss her. But, since she will move to friends of us, we will have the opportunty to see her again.
    Just now, Marta watch TV. She loves to;).

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