The Crazy Old Dackel Lady On The Hill

I have been joking with people for years that when I am old I will be The Crazy Old Dackel Lady that lives on the hill. I will surround myself with a dozen or so dackels and instead of furniture for people I will  just have dackel beds all over the house. I’ll have a kiddie pool with water in it for them to all drink from, and will cook roasts for them every night. We’ll have a large screen TV where we will watch Animal Planet and TLC. And I will have a big recliner to get comfy on.

Well, that’s always been the dream until Daylight Savings Time ended. Now the dogs want to get up in the middle of the night, they want to be fed early and quite frankly my four have been just a little cranky with the disturbance in their sleep habits.

And so have I.

Take last night. I stayed up until 10 o’clock. I walked the older dogs (the sweet puppies were asleep) and we climbed into bed. I fell asleep quickly and slept well, until about 4 when Greta started in. She paced back and forth, up and down the bed, stepping on my head,  pulling my hair, until I grabbed her and put her under the blankets near my stomach. I eeked out another 2 hours of sleep before the dogs forced me to get up!

Anyway, all of this sleep deprivation has caused me to rethink my goals of becoming The Crazy Old Dackel Lady on the hill.

Shoot, now I have to think up something new to aspire to!

8 thoughts on “The Crazy Old Dackel Lady On The Hill”

  1. I’m with you and the little dackels…I am not a fan of daylight saving time at all. I really dislike the way it is now. I’m sure Washington D.C. has nothing more important to worry about than you, me, and a bunch of puppies. 😉

  2. Me to. Intensely dislike the time changes. Unavoidable in travel but to do it arbitrarily??? Takes quite some time for this old body to adjust. UGGGHHHH.

  3. You may have ‘fallen’ back, but we are well and truely ‘springing’ forward! AND, it was a balmy 42c here today and I grabed a pic of it on the cars Temp Gauge thingie!!!

    And instead of ‘The Crazy Old Dackel Lady On The Hill’, can I suggest just ‘The Crazy Dackle Lady On The Hill’; Who said you’re old?

  4. You constantly amaze me! I would be sooo cranky it my sleep would be so interrupted! I hate time changes too, but for us it´s the other way around, and that´s not so bad.

  5. NO, no you’re not OLD. Since I am older than you, you can’t be old because I’m NOT!!! Love YOU, Mel

  6. ROFLMBO! You MIGHT already BE the Crazy Ol’ Dackel Lady on the Hill … and just not know it! Of course, when your body adjusts to the new time frame you can go back to being the Crazy YOUNG Dackel Lady on the Hill! LOL! I hope everyone adjusts soon! I hate it too!

  7. Get yourself a whole load of stuffed dackel soft toys and then drag them around on leashes, feed them and let them play in your dackel pool. Talk to them loudly when you take them (all of them!) for walks (drags?) in town. You will most DEFINITELY become known as Crazy Dackel Lady then, and you can still sleep when you want.

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