Track ‘Em Down!

I decided today to work the pups for one last time on a track. They’ve all shown they have good noses, and I wanted to give them a real go today. Wow! They blew me away!

I took Calvin first and I kid you not, this dog has the very best nose. His natural ability is an amazing thing.
I put him down and let him find the track and then stood back while he kept his nose down and followed it to the end where I had buried a deer hide under the leaves. Then I let his shake it and play with it.

Nov. 7 Calvin

Next up was Schnapps. She bounded out, sniffed around a little before merrily making her way along.

Nov. 7 Schnapps

Her attitude is lighter than Calvin, who is quite serious in his quest, but she was just as successful.

Both Wally and Fenway did just fine with this, but I have not worked them as hard, knowing that they are going to a pet home. I use this time mostly as a game time for them.

Nov. 6 Wally Nov. 6 Fenway

They do have great noses, and like Schnapps, they are full of fun.

Curt was last and he got right over to the track and followed it along.

Nov. 7 Curt t

Nose down he sniffed and sniffed and when he got to the end he grabbed the deer hide and shook as if it were a play toy!

I repeated this one more time for each puppy later in the day. It’s a fun thing to do with them and they loved the game .

Friday the pups go to get their Health Certificates and then over the week end one by one they leave me. Only Curt will be hanging out until the 21st.

6 thoughts on “Track ‘Em Down!”

  1. Awe, you´re a good trainer/mother! This reminds me so much of kids leaving the nest. First we teach them how to survive (or at least try to) and then one by one, they are off…. I wonder if it hurts just as much, having the puppies leave?

  2. I would love to watch them do their little tracking thing! I bet that’s cute! I can’t believe it’s already time for them to go…. how sad. 🙁

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