It’s That Time

Today I brought the crew into the Vets for their last check and Health Certificates. It was bittersweet. The time has flown, the pups have grown and as we checked each pup, we all felt sad that it was over. They took their first breaths of life in that office and now they leave to go on to their new homes.

Here is Fenway awaiting his exam.

Nov. 13 Fenway29

And Schnapps.

Nov. 13 Schnapps28

And Wally

Nov. 13 Wally07

We came home and shortly after lunch I had to scoop up Calvin and send him on his way. Oh how hard it is. I didn’t think it would be, but I cried when I held him for the last time.

Nov. 13 0Granny and Calvin238

Calvin loved his new Daddy and I think the feeling was entirely mutual.

Nov. 13 Al and Calvin37

After they headed out, Hubby began raking leaves and Makenna and her pal came over to play with the pups. Immediately, Curt ran up to play with the leaves and Hubby.

Nov. 13 043

Nov. 13 046

And lastly, I was asked what a tattoo looks like on a pup. It is done on the inside of their right ear and in my pups case they are all done in green.

Nov. 13 053

8 thoughts on “It’s That Time”

  1. Calvin looks so happy with his new daddy!!

    I love it when little puppies play in big piles of leaves! They seem so energized by the fun of jumping in the leaves, just like little kids. Adorable puppies!! I’m going to miss seeing their pics.

    Thanks for sharing the tattoo pics, I had been wondering what it looked like too!

  2. Bye little Calvin! Looks like you will have a wonderful loving family!! Fun leaf pictures! Love YOU, Mel

  3. Oh, that is what I hate about having grand-pets! The giving them away is so very hard (but the keeping of them is ridiculous). My heart aches for you, but I know you made sure they were all going to excellent homes.

  4. Hi Maribeth,
    I saw that you won the giveaway on Betty’s blog. I had to come and visit, because my name is also Maribeth, and it’s not that common. I go by Mari on my blog, because that’s what my family and friends call me.

  5. Those puppies are so sweet. I bet you’ll miss them terribly, even though they are off to great homes. My greyhound has tattoos in both ears. I think that one is her litter number and the other her racing number (not my favorite…).
    We love 4 footed family members!

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