Tis The Season!

Saturday was a big day. I went to the Library Open House in the morning. That was so much fun. I saw so many people I know and enjoyed the morning. Once I was done with that I went over to the Post Office and look what I found!

Dec 4 09 006

This was from my friend in Paraguay, Betty. Back in November she had a contest and I won! Today my surprises arrived. I knew about the book, but not about the lovely table scarf! Actually it is so beautiful I may just hand it up on a wall so I can see it all the time. Really it is lovely and the picture does not do it justice! Thank you so much, Betty! This is so wonderful! I will let everyone know when I will be cooking one of the recipes and then I will post about it.

Meanwhile, back to Christmas. Later in the afternoon Altrusa was sponsoring a Festival of Trees. Afterthe event, the Christmas trees are auctioned off to benefit local charities. So I went to show my support. It was marvelous. Local area organizations and businesses decorated each Christmas tree. Then the money is used to help the poor in our area during the holidays. I added some more of my Christmas decorations at the start and then at the end, you can see that it is snowing!

Tonight I am pretty wiped out, but in a good way. It’s days like today, when I meet people and see their smiles and can smile back, that make me feel very happy in my life.

7 thoughts on “Tis The Season!”

  1. I think we had the same idea I too took pictures of all kind of Christmas trees ! I love your Christmas Dackel decoration, they are so funny, I didn’t even know that they exist. I was so proud that I found at least 4 Christmas cats to hang in the tree, lol !
    Today we got an enormous bouquet of roses and other flowers from our son for our 40 years wedding anniversary ! I was really touched ! Imagine 40 years with the same guy, I admire myself, lol !

  2. I´m so glad my package finally arrived! I was beginning to worry. Glad you like it too.
    I enjoyed the video and it looks like it´s getting pretty cold. I guess you´re counting the days till your cruise now…

  3. What a wonderful post to get into Xmas mood! So does your previous posts too. I just love the decoration (some very typical you 🙂

    The pics of the trees in the vid was great and of course the top of the cream to me was the snow 😆 So you got it before us in Oslo, Norway this year 🙂

  4. Ohhhhhh Your festival of trees is GORGEOUS! Our happens at the High School — not neeeearly such a lovely backdrop for all those beautiful trees! I’ve always wanted to bid on one – but the local businesses are good about seeing that each one goes for WAAAAAAAAY more than I could ever bid! That’s a gOOd thing though!

    I also loved a couple of your nativities! That snowman one is REALLY cute! I just put all mine up today – 8 of them! Well, I have one more… but it’s not going up again this year. It’s fine china and I worry toooooo much about it!

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