A Little Fritzi Tale

You all know how much I love Fritz. Although I admit to the fact that I don’t always write about him, because the dackels seem to be the attention getters in this house. Occasionally Fritz will do something notable, something that I simply have to write about. Because I cannot believe that he did what he did.

Let me go back so I can explain.

Yesterday I decided to completely change the bed, washing the blanket and mattress pads, etc.  It took me most of the day, but by the time we were ready for bed, it was ready for us. I climbed into the clean sheets and blankets and just smelled their freshness! I love that feeling and actually look forward to my weekly sheet change for this reason.

Hubby and I were up early this morning, as he went out to ski again today with some of our friends. After he had gone, I made my Weight Watcher breakfast, sipped my coffee and then decided it was time to shower and dress and make the bed.

I went into our bedroom and found Fritz lying on Hubby’s side of the bed chewing on his stuffed monkey and the sheets, and mattress pad were soaked with his doggy slobber! He looked at me with those innocent eyes, while another bead of slobber escaped his mouth!


All I can say is, at least he didn’t get the blanket!

So I shooed him down. Took a deep breath and then changed the mattress pad and sheets once again. Once the bed was done I closed the door to my bedroom and locked him out, and the sheet washing began!

It is a good thing that I love that dog!


7 thoughts on “A Little Fritzi Tale”

  1. It just never fails when you wash the car, it rains! When you hang clothes outside, it rains. The minute you change the litter box, it gets used big time. And when you change the sheets and all, an animal or child somehow messes them up! LOL! Sorry it’s just the way it is and will always be forever and ever, Amen! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Hi Mom,

    I have a friend who has a short haired black and tan mini-dauchund, who has recently had a baby (my friend, not the dog!) They would like to find a nice home for their dog, and I figured I would ask you if you knew of anyone looking for this type of dog–or if you knew of any kind of listing service?

    Thanks Mom! Love you!

    Mandy xo

  3. Oh ! poor Fritz ! you should have left him on your bed until the evening ! He is such a beautiful dog !
    I just read Mandy’s comment above. I can’t stand people who want to get rid of their pets because of a baby ! Once I have an animal it’s for the whole life, I could never ever give it away like a furniture !

  4. THE very reason my hubby has never allowed dogs OR children in OUR bed! LOL! (I always brought the kids in anyway… even Luz!)

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