Greta is a real character. She loves to sit with Hubby, and he is the only one who she will allow to groom her mustache and beard without growling protests. She does, however do something that makes us both laugh, and today I was able to get it with the movie program on my camera.

Isn’t that the cutest thing? She doesn’t do it for me, just him. I think she is Daddy’s Girl!

Today found me enjoying a quiet morning while Hubby went off for his first morning of skiing. He got in eight runs before coming back home. Since I had the time and no pressing work, I made us the Weight Watchers Quiche with a garden salad for our lunch. Hubby liked it very much and so did I. It’s always fun to find a recipe you like that is so low in points!


Then I did a search for a particular type of notebook mouse. My current mouse, which has seen me through three laptops is now dying. So I searched for the same type of mouse and found it on Ebay for a great price with free shipping! I am thrilled and can hardly wait for it to arrive. Until then, I have to keep plugging it in and unplugging it and replugging it when it freezes up. My guess is that there is a short in the wire. I will be so happy when I have my new mousie!


I also saw a picture of my grand-puppy, Bogart on Facebook today and he looks so much like his Uncle Arnie. The look on his beautiful face made me smile and feel warm all over! He really is a gorgeous boy!

Bogey in january 10

Photo by: http://www.visualalex.com

Big Smile!!!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

8 thoughts on “**Smile**”

  1. Greta has a picture perfect smile! But that shot of Bogie is just absolutely ADORABLE! I think that’s one of the cutest puppy pics I’ve ever seen!

    Glad you found the mouse you love! When my mice died (both) right before Christmas, I converted to cordless mice. I am LOVING them! I just have to remember if they start acting goofy HOW to change the batteries!!! OL!

  2. Good entry today and love the smiles. Interested in knowing about the kind of mousie you got. I bought a gearhead, cordless mouse for my laptop a couple of days after Christmas as my logitech one bit the dust. I don’t think the gear head kind works as well as the logtech though. Would like to hear about yours.

  3. Hahha Greta looks like she’s about to bite 🙂 Although I love making wolfie do that too haha!

    Hope your new mouse comes back soon!

    Cute Bogart pic!!

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