De-Lurking Day!!!

Hi Everyone.

Once a year a whole handful of bloggers I know get together and we have a day we call De-Lurking Day.


This is a day when we ask everyone who may be reading our blogs to comment. Just say hi, guten tag, bonjour, hola, ciao, or well, you get the idea.

We all love to get comments, and more than anything we love to know from what part of the world you are commenting from.

So don’t be shy, join the fun and De-Lurk!

21 thoughts on “De-Lurking Day!!!”

  1. Not a de-lurker as you know, but lately a bit bad regarding commenting. I try to get better again. πŸ™‚

    P.S.: Have to confess I “stole” your entry about de-lurking day.

  2. Enjoy reading your blog Maribeth. I recently moved back to Indiana from Virginia. Retired now, finelly!!

  3. What a nice idea a delurking day ! and the guy above I met once while pushing the pram in a parc and a guy in a raincoat jumped out of the bush. A friend and her baby was with me, so we looked at the guy and said : “What’s that’s all you have to show ?” he ran away very quickly, lol !
    Happy delurking day, then !

  4. I read your blog everyday, so I suppose I am a lurker!

    I LOVE your dogs! Love the photos, love the videos! I have 3 Std Longhaired Dachshunds, they are the best thing in my life and have taken me many places I never thought I’d be!

    So heres to our puppies, give yours a treat for me!

  5. I am not really a lurker, because I delurked last
    I am just a bad commenter,but I enjoy reading your blog regularly.
    Viele Gruesse aus Texas,

  6. I read everyday! I have 2 mini dachshunds, one longhaired, one smooth haired, and also we have a chug. I am from Charleston, SC, but live in Ohio last 12 yrs. Hope everyone comments today!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  7. I missed a letter in my name above! I always sign in as Mari but as you know – it’s really Maribeth. I thought I better clarify!

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