2010-The Year Of De-Cluttering!

Mark it on your calendars. January 14th 2010.

It’s the day that I actually got a lot done! I mean, a lot!

I started by getting Hubby up and out the door to go skiing. I always work better in a quiet house. Once he was off, I turned off the TV, and started my work.

I wrote out the transfers of ownership on the German pedigrees. They arrived yesterday from Germany and I want my puppy buyers to get them as quickly as possible. I got all the boys done this morning! Now this was not really a piece of cake, because the buyers of Wally and Fenway have moved, but sleuth that I am, I tracked them down and got their new address.

Best of all, while putting all the information together I got to speak to everyone (except for Schnapps’s owner) and found out that all the boys are doing great and have won the hearts of their owners. That always makes me feel great!

Then I went through the family room and got all the old magazines and newspapers picked up and stored ready for the recycling center.

I fixed the shower door rubber drip stopper thing. I do not know what they call it, but it is on the bottom of the door and keeps the water from getting out under the door.

I put my library book with my purse, the checkbook, our tax bill, and then went and got the rabies certificates for all the dogs together so I could get their new tags.

Once I did that I went to our Town Hall and paid for the dogs. Then paid my taxes, and got all my receipts and the dog tags for the year!

At the Post Office, I filled out all the Certified Mail documents and mailed off the Pedigrees to the owners of Greta’s boys. I picked up a package, and my mail.

Afterward, I stopped at the Library to return a book and was reminded to register for the elections on January 20th for Library Trustee.

I returned home and made myself lunch before Hubby arrived home and the two of us went off to do a few errands in the next town.

Yeah, that’s when the headache came in and I took my medication and sat down with a sugar free cup of hot cocoa.

Think maybe I did too much?

Oh well, I am happy that I got so much done in such a short period of time. Now I can kick back and rest and plan my next project.

It’s the 2010 De-Clutter Project. I plan to get three containers. One marked St. Vincent DuPaul. One marked Recycling Center. One marked trash. Then I am starting in my bedroom and will sort the closets and room until it is de-cluttered. After that, I am off to the next room, until the house is done.

2010. The year to get out from under all of this junk!

9 thoughts on “2010-The Year Of De-Cluttering!”

  1. I started a project like that before Christmas. I donated all of my size 8,10, and 12 suits, because I’m pretty sure I’m not losing the weight this winter. I felt it might help some woman who was looking for a job to land one. I think you might have done a little too much today and you paid for it with a headache. Take good care of yourself, Maribeth.

  2. With the move……I am already getting many boxes of “stuff” ready. The trash man seems to linger at my house………

  3. Oh, I am SO with you on the de-cluttering! I started today and it feels so good to get rid of all this STUFF. It’s really dragging us all down.

    You sure got a lot done, but don’t overdo it, OK? Can’t de-clutter if you’re not feeling well, right?

  4. And you tell me that you don’t have energy !! I am already tired by reading all this, lol !
    I never have a plan for decluttering. It comes over me when I have no time e.g. when I am looking for a T-shirt and see that all cardigans and stuff are in a terrible mess. Then I start to declutter, but never on a special day. Last time I had two big plastic bags with clothes, which Mr. G. brought to an organization who collect clothes for poor people.

  5. OH, yes, you’ve dworked hard then. Oh, I so remember my de-clutter year a couple of years ago!!! So much to get rid off, but how good I felt after each little part get cleared up!

    Good luck x millions!

  6. dear you,
    we understand how it is to overhand our pupies and kittens to new “parents”.
    It ain’t easy.
    But we have to trust our little ones will have a very good life, even without us.

    On Feb 1, we will publish our kittens for sale.
    (One is probably allready has a new home – to his sister Marta – born 17. july)

    have a great weekend.

    the Siberian cold we have had for the past two weeks seems to slip away. So we are back to normal winter tempratures. Only some centidegrees below freezing point.

  7. Might I suggest big green trash bags for the TRASH recepticle? Easy in, easy out! LOL! I forget how many of them I used during MY OWN declutter project, but it wasn’t ENOUGH! And it was more than a box!

    I’m glad all the puppies are doing well! THAT is a good thing!!!

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