Quiet Times

My day started exceptionally early due to the fact that Hubby and the three dackels were all trying to push me out of bed! I pushed back hoping everyone would get the message, but they only pushed harder and I had to fight for my space. Eventually we all settled down, and I got a little more sleep before Hubby woke me so I could help him prepare for the last day of skiing before the rain comes! Hopefully, the rain won’t wash away all of the snow, but it is not looking good.

While Hubby was out, I tossed Fritz out the door and put the dackels in the family room and vacuumed and washed the kitchen floor. That floor has been causing me a lot of grief, mostly because I know when it was last washed and it just wasn’t good! So, today with steely determination, I got that floor done!

My eye ached in the afternoon (I know, I overdid!) so I decided it was time to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee and turn off the TV and listen quietly to music. Something I have done a lot of, since my retinal detachment. Watching TV seems to bother my eyes, but soft music is soothing!

I have a fire burning in the hearth, and a simple dinner of lamb chops and baked potatoes planned. The evening should be quiet and dreamy, a perfect ending to the weekend.

9 thoughts on “Quiet Times”

  1. SNAP! After checking my outdoor lounge, and seeing Macc was NOT on it, I rewarded him at 4am to come in, but he quickly found his spot on the bed… I will now have to wash the bedspread though now!!

    And good to see your resting your eye, what are we going to do with you?

  2. I love yesterday’s post as well, the picture is great!
    Will chat about my weekend, but glad you got some quiet time. Love YOU, Melodie

  3. This rain is terrible- and here it was 55º when I got up! And it just weeks coming. Maybe we can ski on mud?
    My condolences about getting pushed out of the bed- but that is Jack- I remember the never ending night in Wayland.

  4. Quiet times are great! We had our rain last night and it is sO WARM this morning! Almost 60F! Amazing! Yesterday I was FREEZING and almost put a fire in the fireplace… but Dennis bumped up the heat a little bit and with the oven going I warmed up some. This weather just doesn’t know WHAT to do this year!

    I’m with Gattina! I think until that eye heals properly, a damp mob across the floor will suffice! I know… I hate a dirty kitchen floor too — but good grief! This is your VISION we are talking about! What good is a clean floor if you can’t SEE it?

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