It was quite a busy day here in “Doggy-Land” today. Everyone was a bit restless, despite the 10 degree weather and 30 mile an hour winds. You should have seen me at 6:45 this morning. I got up and pulled on my fuzzy bathrobe over my flannel pajamas, I put on two pairs of socks, and then headed to the kitchen with all 5 dogs following me. Once there, I put on my coat, hat, scarf and gloves, hooked the leash onto Bogey’s collar and headed outside where the wind, despite my careful dressing, just froze me.

We headed back in and by the time we returned the coffee had finished dripping into the pot. Once I got everyone settled and removed all of my wintertime clothing, I raced to the pot and poured myself a big one! Ahhhh, the rich taste of hot coffee on a frosty morning! There is nothing like it!

Hubby went off skiing and I decided to make use of the time by catching up on the laundry. By 10:30, I had several loads done and had been out for Bogey walks at least 5 times! He just loves it outside, even in the freezing cold!

Around 11:30 I lit a fire in the hearth to take the chill off my bones. I had a tough time getting the fire to go, but soon Hubby came in and it took him exactly three seconds to get the fire blazing! I think in his last life he was a pyromaniac!

We watched the news about the explosion in Connecticut, as well as a few movies. Last night we watched a great old movie with Steve McQueen. It was called Bullitt. I tried not to watch it, but it is a good suspense, crime drama, and WOW could Steve McQueen act! It’s sad that he died at the young age of 50 from cancer!

After lunch I took Fritz and Bogey out for a walk in our neighborhood. Fritz is so good that I do not need to leash him. He follows my every command. The dachshunds will look at me and laugh and then run the other way, so they had to stay home with their Daddy while I walked Bogey on a leash. Bogey and Fritz enjoyed the walk, but I froze. Really it was that cold!

Bogey came back in and played with Anneliese, running around the house like a wild man. He is so darn cute in all his young puppy-ness, and Anneliese is having the best time with him.

After dinner they all crashed out around the family room. Me too! Hubby is keeping the fire burning and once the Super Bowl is over we’ll all go to bed! Meanwhile, here is another picture of Bogey making himself at home. I am so glad this has worked out so well.

Feb 6 10 012 Bogey

Good-night everyone!!!

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  1. Zounds, too cold for me. My younger sister Kathy was down for the week end. We celebrated our Mother’s 86th birthday on Sunday. No Super Bowl for me, I was too tired. And work aMonday, Tuesday

  2. Bullit is one of my husbands favorite movies. He loves it when Steve McQueen goes to the market and fills up his cart with TV dinners. Reminds him of his bachelor days.

  3. Cats are more practical, they walk themselves and I can drink my coffe in my warm room, lol ! I don’t need to go out. I also have a dog day once a week on thursdays when I walk Yanouk the big neighbour’s dog because my friend goes to her son to take care of the little great son.
    Yanouk is such a bundle of love, he is so good he never pulls me even when he sees a cat, lol ! Often Arthur walks behind us !

  4. He looks like he has settled in for a long winter’s nap!!! Glad he and you have had such a good time. Love YOU, Mel

  5. I think it is fabulous that Fritz listens so well! Jewl listens to ONE command. Sit! And mostly that is only when she is waiting for her supper dish to be filled! She flunked puppy kindergarten… Labs! I tell ya – they just have NO manners! Come? IF she thinks you have a treat! Heel! NOT EVEN! I think I wore out 4 leashes trying to teach her that one! She said she doesn’t speak that language! LOL! Maybe she is PART dackel? I dunno.

    It’s great that you have gotten to enjoy Bogie so much! I hope the others aren’t getting jealous! šŸ˜‰

  6. I’ve been so absent from your blog…no excuses, I have let the winter blahs into my heart, head and soul! lol..and we haven’t even had significant snow here in Michigan!I can still see the grass, brown and some green! But that is to change!Tomorrow we are getting our first hit from winter, about 6-8 inches….I am so jealous you have the body heat of 5 doggie kids to keep you warm in this cold! How exciting to have Bogie there!…I foresee some puppies in your future AGAIN soon! lol…sending you warm friend (((hugs))) sweetie!

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