Bathtime For Mommy

I took a bath. I know, you are all glad that I finally climbed in the tub and washed my limbs, right? But you know, I think in America, at least, most people are in a hurry and so they shower and go most days. On Sunday, I put on some nice music, locked the doors (Hubby was out) turned off my cell phone, got a hot cup of chamomile tea, filled my tub up and sank in!

Oh how wonderful that felt! Hot water, all around me, while I slowly sipped my tea. I was on the verge of falling asleep right there in the tub, when I heard the pitter patter of little feet entering the bath room.


Yes, I had the great company of Arnie and Anneliese. They love it when I take a bath and come and visit me. I think part of them is really curious as to why I am happily sitting in a tub of water? So they come and see me each time.

Fritz figures the safest place for him is in the other room. He watches me, but from a ten foot distance. I’m sure he thinks he can outrun me if I decide to put him in the tub for a bath!

Greta sits on a bathmat across the room (the bathroom is actually pretty large) and usually takes a little nap while I’m relaxing.

Eventually I started to look like a dried up old prune and the water began to cool off, so I got out and toweled off and dressed.

I’ve just got to plan more tub time. It’s just the best way to relax!

9 thoughts on “Bathtime For Mommy”

  1. Oh the joy of having a spa outside…

    1. It never gets cold so you can stay in longer.

    2. The massage jets are delightful.

    3. Macc KNOWS not to come anywhere near it as well, I don’t know why, he has never been in it!

    4. Jasmine becomes the cat ‘Lifeguard’ in case something happens… Just have to work out how to keep her awake…

    And whats this ‘dried up old prune’ bit, you could not be talking about you now right??? NEVER!!

  2. First of all, HOW did you make this picture?
    We don´t even have a bathtub, so I can´t say I could do this too. But I´m not much of a bath fan. I´m way too fidgety to stay in the tub for so long. 🙂

  3. So… Fritz took the picture??? LOL! I would have a LOT of tub time IF I had a tub that big! We just have regular old fashioned bathrooms in this house — BIGGEST mistake I made was not concentrating more effort on at least ONE of the bathrooms when we built. Now my daughter who lives in an APARTMENT for Pete’s sake, has a bigger tub than I do!!! Showers it IS for me!

  4. Did you use bubble bath? I have learned that adding epsom salt to bath water is very good for you; the mineral (magnesium) is absorbed into the skin, and it is very relaxing. I love such baths. But yes….who indeed took that great pic????


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