The Dirt!

On Friday I went to my local garden center and told the owner I wanted good, potting soil to start my garden’s vegetable seeds. It’s the same man I have dealt with for several years, so I trusted him. He sold me what I thought was the correct stuff, and I got this gigantic, heavy bale home, and unloaded. I thought that on Sunday I would plant my seeds and get things going.

Well he sold me the wrong stuff! I hadn’t opened the bag yet, but Hubby was looking at the bale and he said that I got it all wrong! (Insert the expletive of your choice here!)

So, on Monday I must drag this heavy bale of (expletive) back to the garden center and somehow explain (again) what I want! Then I will need to come home and plant all the seeds for “Garden 2010”!

Do I sound annoyed? I guess I am a little! Although I will take a deep breath and try to blow it all off! Life is too short, isn’t it?


Just to keep you up to date. You will recall that I have bad luck with coffee makers as I recently wrote about it here. Well I am happy to report the new coffee maker is absolutely fabulous, and makes a great cup of coffee and keeps it delightfully hot! Both Hubby and I are in coffee heaven!


I am hoping that the Volcano in Iceland will just cut it the heck out! I have a trip to Germany coming up in the near future and I really do not want to have to put it off until next February. I have spoken to Anneliese and explained that she must not go into heat until the 2 million displaced passengers are returned to their homes. I hope she is listening to me!


Well, everyone, have a great Monday!

March 7 012

5 thoughts on “The Dirt!”

  1. Your hubby is acting like a weiner…why doesn’t he take it back and get the stuff you wanted? Humph…he could do that for you. :)~

    The volcano will probably mess things up for a long time and just think of all those people who can’t just get a train and go to France or something. What a mess for you and Anneliese.

  2. Ron knows a guy who was supposed to leave for Paris for a two week vacation last Saturday, didn’t go.
    Sorry about your dirt! I hope Abby will be over sometime soon as I promised to let her help me with planting. Love YOU, Mel

  3. I agree with amber! Having said that, i bought some dirt recently and hope it’s ok, but not having Hubby’s expertise, I’m sure it’s not 😉 But I planted my herbs nonetheless, some this morning, and hung out with Wolf on the balcony. I blocked off the stairs so he couldn’t escape and let him wander around leashless…EEE!

  4. That’s bad that you got the wrong seed ! Tomorrow they will start to open the airports again. In Germany too. First all planes which were blocked abroad are coming back and bring people home. It’s a mess ! School has started today after Easter holidays but teachers and students are absent. I read this morning that about 6 million people are waiting to get home ! I also hope for myself, that the situation will be regulated because on 23 may I am off to Morocco !

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