Friday Fil-ins

Friday Fill Ins



And…here we go!

1. I just had my first sip of coffee.
2. Love is the answer.
3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I’m reading:Traudl Junge entered Hitler’s orbit by chance. (I’m reading the book “Until The Final Hour, Hitler’s Last Secretary”)
4. Puppies, kitties and babies, tickles my fancy.
5. I was walking down the street yesterday when a car drove by and beeped. It was a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.
6. Happiness and good times makes me laugh!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading and loading my new MP3 player, tomorrow my plans include reading and grocery shopping and Sunday, I want to re-pot some of my plants!

7 thoughts on “Friday Fil-ins”

  1. Love your nr 4. I have had an mp3 for years and never got around to loading new songs…I got a mobile phone with a radio instead 😉
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. I am reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, good book I recommend it. I love my mp3 player, I have four favorite things I can’t live without – my laptop, my mobil phone, my ipod and my camera. these things of course rank after my sweetie!!! Have a nice weekend!

  3. I have 2 I Pods (a shuffle and one that I inherited from my son when he upgraded to a Touch) and really need to work on putting a good playlist on one, the other, or both. I have a running list of encouraging songs so the only task left is building the playlist and uploading it. I also want to work on one for exercise (livelier than my norm).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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