Getting Ready

I’ve been working hard to load my new MP3Player. Oh I love this new toy! Wow! Currently I have downloaded over 250 songs! I didn’t realize that I had that many on my computer, nor did I realize I actually know the words to those songs! Like old friends. I know all the words.

My friend Gail, in Delaware, got me this great device to celebrate Mother’s Day. Gail is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and I cannot tell her how much I appreciate this wonderful gift! Woo-hoo!

I’ve had so much fun downloading the music and then checking it out to make sure it actually works. I swear that the sound is better than when I use my B*** speakers here in the family room. Call me  “in love” with this wonderful device.

So the MP3 Player is loaded and I am ready to go. Too bad Anneliese isn’t cooperating! She is due to go into heat any day, and I am ready when she is!

5 thoughts on “Getting Ready”

  1. Isn’t it strange I only like listening to music in my car, otherwise it’s disturbing me. I never listen when I am on my computer not even when I do household stuff. I love life concerts though, I don’t have an ipod I don’t even have loudspeakers.
    Anneliese lets you wait with her spring feeling, lol ! can you get a last minute ticket or how do you do buy your ticket as you are not sure of the date ?

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