Beautiful Day

Friday was about the prettiest day Berlin has seen in many weeks. Perfect temperatures, bright sunshine and a gentle breeze that kept people from feeling too hot.

I woke at 1:30 AM and I was wide awake. I got up and wrote Hubby a note and then went back to sleep until 5:30 when Anneliese woke me with her gentle kisses. After a brief walk around the back yard, in the already bright sun, I went back to bed and slept until 7:30 when I forced myself to get up.

Breakfast was some of the wonderful fresh German rolls, some cheese and some yogurt. Also two cups of Uschi’s wonderful coffee!

We headed out in the late morning and to the S-Bahn into Alexanderplatz for a day of window shopping and a chance for me to see all the changes to the city.

June 4 008

The Neptune Fountain

I was shocked and awed by all the building and new business in a place I once knew quite well.

Finally our feet and our stomachs demanded we stop for lunch. Since it is still Spargel Season (asparagus) here, we both had wonderful while spargel, with hollandaise sauce, a kraut salad and boiled potatoes! Oh my goodness, was it good!

June 4 005

Our lunch




Maribeth with a nice cold one!

We walked down Unter Den Linden, until it met up with Friedrichstrasse

June 4 013

and then went along to the S-Bahn station where we took the train home.

June 4 014

We stopped several places looking for Anneliese’s food, as I only brought a few days worth, but they do not sell it here! So much for Iams! I bought Royal Canine for dackels and I have mixed it with the Iams and hopefully it will sit okay.

Saturday we go to see Herr Isegrim. I know my little coquette is looking forward to her trip. She is giving me very clear signs that she is ready to accept his affections!

I am having a wonderful time and Uschi and I seldom stop talking. In fact it was very funny today at a shop, Uschi had been speaking English all day and when a salesgirl spoke to her in German she began to answer her in English! We all laughed so much at that!

Time for me to unwind and settle down for the night. Wish me luck on Saturday! Or should I say, wish Isegrim luck! After all, women can be very temperamental!

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Day”

  1. I thought, last night, that the area around Neptunes Fountain and the huge paved area on the opposite side of the railway (S-BAHN) was great… Lots of cafes/restaurants and so on.

    And how funny that Uschi replied in English, too funny!

    Good Luck Anneliese and Isegrim!

  2. Oh, it’s so great to see all those lovely pictures from you, Uschi and Germany 🙂 Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

    Of course, I had Spargel too when I was home with my family 🙂

  3. I was just going to ask if you speak German over there, but then you already answered my question. Looks like great weather you´re having.

  4. I see you have a great time and good weather on the top ! A little bad that you had just such a moved trip !
    We came back yesterday evening and I am a little upside down, it was so wonderful and I have seen so many things out of a completely other world !
    I absolutely have to go to Berlin once, my very old childhood friend has her two eldest children living there. Ask Uschi if she knows the actor Johann von Bülow, that’s the daughter’s husband. I see him quiet often on German TV, he is always a bad guy, lol !

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