The First Breeding

Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast and then prepared Anneliese for her meeting with her husband, Isegrim. The ride was a tad long, but went quite smoothly. Uschi’s husband drove us and we settled in the back seat with Anneliese and prepared her for the events to come.

Anneliese on her way to Isegrim

It was another beautiful day here and when we reached Isegrim’s home, he was waiting for us!

Isegrim waiting for Anneliese June 5

I went to the door and pushed the bell and waited for the family to greet us.

Arriving at Isegrim's house

Soon Steffi and her mother came out with Isegrim

Steffi Isegrim June 5

and the dance of love ensued. Isegrim is quite the Romeo, and he knows exactly what to do to win over his lady love!

June 5 I remember you

Then the real fun began and Steffi and I were there to assist.


It was a very good mating, and after we had a nice time chatting until the dogs were completely done.

June 5 Puppy Love 3

Uschi made herself comfortable in the cool grass.

June 5 Uschi

And before we knew it, they were done for the day!

June 5 Isegrim and Anneliese

It was quite amazing, as I believe that they remembered each other from last year. I know one thing, Isegrim certainly remembered me!

June 5 Isegrim kidding MB

And Uschi!

June 5 046

So the first breeding is done and we will go back on Monday for the second one. It was so nice to sit with Isegrim’s family afterward and have a nice visit!

June 5 039

When we got back to Berlin, we were all exhausted. Everyone took a short nap, except me. I reworked some of the pictures that you have seen here.

June 3 MB & Uschi

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “The First Breeding”

  1. I would say she met her lover ! not her husband lol ! When I look at the outhanging tongue on the picture they must have done a good job hahaha ! The pictures are so nice I see that you had a great day and holidays in general !
    They indeed are a cute couple ! They also work for a good relationship between America and Germany !!

  2. All the pictures are wonderful! Off to church, it’s going to be hot! My eye still doesn’t look good, may go to the eye doctor tomorrow. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Thanks for letting us be part of it every step of the way πŸ™‚
    The photos are gorgeous and beside Isegrim and Anneliese, it seems like you had a very great time, too πŸ™‚

  4. OMG you have to assist! That is a little wild don’t you think. Poor Annaleise looked like she was being smothered! Hope it all went well!

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