Meeting An Old Friend

I’m truly amazed when I meet someone that I have known for years online, and they turn out to be just who I have always known them to be! Such was Sunday, here in Berlin. My friend Bernie from Aussiepomm (Australia) is in Berlin on business and today was his free day, so we got together and walked around the Müggelsee and stopped there to have lunch.

June 6 011

The day was bright, hot and beautiful, and the three of us walked and ate, and talked and enjoyed. It was fabulous. We stopped at a great gelato shop, and had coffee in a little cafe as well, before returning to Uschi’s home where we sat for hours on the balcony talking some more.

What a pleasant time we all had, talking, laughing and joking with each other! Just how I knew it would be when two friends got together! Best of all, he got to meet Uschi and her husband as well!

The sun set quite late, as Berlin is pretty far north, and eventually Uschi and I drove Bernie to the S-Bahn to get the train back into the city.

Monday we drive back to see Herr Isegrim and complete the love match between Anneliese and her man!

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