Monday did not exactly go as I had planned.

We all woke at the correct time, Anneliese behaved the way she should have both here in Berlin, and in the car, but when we arrived at Isegrim’s home, he was just not interested in Anneliese. I mean, they played with each other, and Anneliese definitely wanted Isegrim’s affection, it’s just that he didn’t really want her.


We sat for quite a while and allowed them to play, but in the end, we left, with Anneliese feeling unfullfilled and me feeling more than a little concerned.

Anneliese and Isgrim Day 2

I tried to show him how nice Anneliese is!

June 7 009

I think she felt rejected afterward, as we drove home.

I know I did. Now I tell myself that perhaps she is pregnant from the one and only time that they mated. It was a good breeding, and everything went like clock-work! I’ll have to wait three weeks until I know for sure.


We drove Anneliese home and dropped back, safely in her room. She was tired and warm and just wanted to take a nap. Meanwhile we decided to go out to Hercules Restaurant for Greek Gyros!

We sat down at the table and the owners brought Uzo to our seats!

June 7 013

Volker and I each drank one! It’s funny, because I do not like Licorice, but the Uzo tasted just fine!

I asked the waiter what beer they had on tap. “Warsteiner”! My favorite! So I ordered one of those! It was full bodied and cold and tasted wonderful!

June 7 015

Uschi asked if they made an alcohol free beer and they did. “Warsteiner”! So, she ordered one of those!

June 7 016

Soon the waiter brought out our lunches. Beautiful plates of thinly sliced meat, potatoes and salad! The real Greek Gyros!

June 7 018

We ate with pure delight this fabulous meal, and then we dropped Volker back at home with the dogs, and Uschi and I went out to window shop. I love to look at things, and dream…

We saw this statue in one shopping mall, and of course I like to play around, so I pretended to give him a kiss!

June 7 022

My day ended with Uschi and I watching “The Lake House”, which when translated into German becomes “Haus Am See”. And for those of you who live with me, or know me well, my favorite sing-a-long song is a German song called “Haus Am See”. Neither is related to the other, but it made me smile, none the less!

Today I need to catch up a bit with a few things before Uschi and I are off this afternoon. I need to do a little wash, spend some time in the garden with Anneliese, and write a few notes!

10 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. I don’t watch Haus am See, I prefer all SOKOs, lol ! I see you have a wonderful time and that you could meet a blogfriend from Australia in Berlin is great, the world becomes small and smaller !
    Naughty Isegrim ! did he have headaches ?
    I am sooooo busy with my thousands of Morocco pictures, lol !

  2. I have been reading your blog before breakfast and now nothing in my kitchen seems good after seeing your meal. So happy you are having a wonderful visit. And naughty Isegrim – hejust does not realize what he is missing.

  3. Sorry Isegrim wasn´t interested. But I have a feeling Anneliese will be pregnant anyways.
    I see you´re enjoying German beer. 🙂 It looks really good.
    Have fun today!

  4. The food and refreshments look glorious. Poor Anneliese, maybe she is nearing the end of her cycle. Less hormones and not smelling as good to the boys. You had a good day earlier, so we will all cross our fingers!

  5. Hi Maribeth-
    My name is Janera Jepson and I host the new Wednesday meme Wednesday Wickedness ( Don’t let the name throw you. We are a family oriented meme that’s similar to Linda’s Random Dozen. We base our questions each week on quotes from someone famous. This week is Frank Sinatra. Since Linda is taking time off I thought I’d invite you to play during the hiatus. We always post on Tuesdays (we’re up now!) so players can play on either day. We hope that you will join us! 🙂


  6. Aww, don’t worry Anneliese, at the end of the day, he’s a man, and men never know what they want at first! You look very sad in that picture on your Mommy’s knee. Soon there will be many little dackels running around!

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