Today we are going to the Berlin Tierpark. The Tierpark is the former East German Zoo, and one of the larger Zoological Gardens in Germany. They have a large breeding program for many animals, but especially elephants. Since I love elephants, going to see them is always enjoyable.

Yesterday I spent time playing auto’s with Uschi’s grandson, Anton! He is such a sweet, loving child and so much fun to be with.

June 8 006

This was taken at coffee time. He had juice and cookies!

June 8 Anton2

Then we went off to the large grocery store, to buy all the things we would need for the next few days. Anton joined us and that was even better!

June 8 012

He got to ride in the children’s toy machine’s, and this made him very happy.

June 8 020

Then, while Uschi prepared dinner, Anton, Volker and I played auto’s! Anton loves his cars, but he was especially nice to me and allowed me to play with them too!

Anneliese is doing well. She woke me at 5:30 this morning. While I am sitting here writing my blog, wide awake, she has gone back to sleep!

June 8

I can hear the neighbor’s as they prepare for their day at work, or their walk to the local bakery for the morning bread! Oh, what a joy that has been! Freshly baked, delicious, crusty bread!

Yesterday we picked up some leberwurst and cheese to have for breakfast. I can hardly wait!

I hope everyone is well, and enjoying the summer wherever you are!

7 thoughts on “Anton”

  1. We were only 3 hours away last week, when I was in Hamburg! glad you are enjoying your friends and Berlin 8)

  2. Anton has gotten so big!!! Looks like fun. Still not feeling great, I had PT and eye doctor yesterday. I hope I am better soon! Love YOU, Mel

  3. Anton is adorable! Glad to hear that the trip is going well and hopefully Anneliese’s being so tired is a good sign!?! 🙂

    Love you lots,


  4. Wow Anton is really a charmer!! He’s a cutie. Hope you enjoyed the zoo. Its been a long time since I went to one. I love giraffes…hope you see some of them too. I have adored them ever since one leaned over the fence and kissed my 3 yrs old son on the head at Catskill Gamefarm. It was just so impulsive and cute. He was too little to be affraid. Just looked up like…cool!

  5. I didn’t know that Uschi is grandma of such a big boy, lol ! How cute ! I don’t know yet what my grandchild will be, I hope for a girl !! We are not that far from each other either, you could have “jumped” over, lol !
    I slowly find back to my routine days !
    The bakeries in Belgium are the only shops open all day on Sundays for fresh bread, croissants, rolls and cakes !

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