Fun Monday

Fun Monday

Melli over at Prevailing Insanity is hosting this weeks “Fun Monday”. So here we go…

Show me (or tell me about) that ONE item in your house that you would just LOVE to put in the next neighborhood yard sale – or take to the dump – but that for SOME reason you just “can’t”… and share the reason too!

Okay, let’s see, my bedroom set. The furniture is about 40 years old and it is not something I picked out. It came with Hubby when we married. Over the 22 years of our marriage I figured it wasn’t important enough to do anything about, because after all, how much time are you in bed awake over the years, looking at this?

But it is boring, and old and I just do not like it! Here are a few pictures.

June 20 001

This is my dresser. You can probably tell because of the jewelry box (not much there, I don’t wear too much) and the dackel items and the red-headed dancer stuck in the mirror.

June 20 002

This is Hubby’s dresser. Trust me, it usually isn’t that neat (neither is mine!).

June 20 003

And our bed. I really dislike the headboard and would like an entirely new set. However, I realize that this set will do until I move from this house…someday.

5 thoughts on “Fun Monday”

  1. Oh come on, the dressers aren’t THAT bad!!! And they are reasonably young to our set (late 1800’s to early 1900’s)!

    But, I am totally with you on the Bedhead… I got rid of ours when I got my new bed!!

  2. Well… send THAT set on down here! It’s 10 times better than what WE have! LOL! But like you… I haven’t really cared about what was in our bedroom. But we have NOTHING matching. MY dresser is one that mother bought at a consignment shop a billion years ago. Dennis’ dresser is from HIS childhood. Our bed is a waterbed that we purchased when we first got married… so nothing matches! Not even the wood colors! Therefore, I would be THRILLED with your set! And especially the fact that the bed is NOT a waterbed! 🙂 I would certainly buy it at a yard sale!

  3. How about Jazzing things up a bit? You could paint it, add some ribbons add a new dresser scarf or something like that. Just a thought. Paint some little pups on it. LOL!
    Love YOU, Mel

  4. I like the furniture, if you change the mirror, it would look completely new ! Your bed is real narrow ! I couldn’t sleep in it even in my first marriage days, I would have been flattened like a pancake, I am lighter and he would roll over me ! We always had a very large bed at least King size, lol ! Now anyway we both have our own bed and room and can snore in peace only disturbing the cats.

  5. It’s funny to me how we individually see “ugly.”
    What is this matching bedroom furniture of which you speak? My dresser is the one I got when I was 7 years old; my husband’s is actually a female dresser that we picked up at a thrift shop 18 years ago. So nothing matching at my house.
    I agree with Gattina, new mirrors would really change the look! Can you detach the headboard from your bed and put up a new one? They often show how to make them on those DiY and HGTV shows.

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