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It’s now 7 PM on Tuesday night and I have finally had a chance to sit down! The best part of a vacation is all that you get to do while you are on it. The worst part is trying to catch up on everything, when you get back!

Today I started the day paying bills, washing shelves and organizing the house. I walked the dogs, tidied their toys and then I started the ironing. Oh, I cannot begin to tell you how much ironing I had to do. I ironed and watched “All My Children“, I ironed and watched an hour of “Wimbledon Tennis“, I ironed while Hubby attempted to watch “World Cup Soccer“. Finally, just before it was time to start dinner, I finished ironing.

I got our dinner started and then made dinner for the dogs. At this point the day seemed to be dragging along. No matter how productive it was, my mood was grumpy and unsettled and then it hit me.

Wednesday is Weight Watchers Day!


Let’s just say that I REALLY enjoyed Germany! I mean REALLY! So Wednesday is going to be sobering to say the least!

June 2010 (123)

See how much I enjoyed Germany!

I have determined not to beat myself up, but to go to class, and get onto the program again. I know what I have to do and so I will stop crying like a baby and just DO IT!

Anneliese is showing early signs of being pregnant. Besides being very tired, she wants her Mama (me, not Greta) all of the time. I am really hopeful that a week from now, we will be getting a positive exam with our Vets.

8 thoughts on “Back On The Wagon”

  1. I will also be watching for a POSITIVE next week as well…

    Oh, how I detest IRONING as well! It should be a rule that ALL irons are to be thrown out and that it is OK to waer stuff unironed! Do you think it will catch on? No, neither do I…

    Good luck getting back on the wagon, I will be there with you as well!

  2. Oh you know I hate ironing, too…but still do it just like you….even sheets. Hoping for a positive next week. Having babies is fun when Anneliese is doing the hard work. 😉

  3. I am hoping for you that the “damage” is not as severe as you fear; your clothing still looked very nice on you at the end of your trip although I did drool at many of your pidtures. LOL

  4. Well, (weight wise) forget about what happened in Germany hee hee. The important thing is that you are still determined to do it all over again. You can do it, Maribeth although, I don’t see the need to panic. You are not fat at all!

  5. I have a cleaning lady to iron. It´s the best! 🙂 (I know, I´m spoiled)
    I just had a very long weekend with too much food too. So I know how you feel and I´m trying to “get back on the wagon” too.

  6. THAT’s the attitude! We can’t go through life NOT enjoying the good stuff. We just can’t go through life LIVING on the good stuff! Just go back, get it off again, and then you’ll be ready for the NEXT little adventure! (whatever it may be!) 🙂

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