Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yes folks, today here in the usually cool northeastern part of the USA, we sweltered for the second day of, what looks to be, a week long heatwave! The air is thick with humidity, and at 7:30 it was already 86 degrees!


The day progressed with the thermometer continually rising. The dogs lay around and I only did things that I could do in our air conditioned rooms. Yes, life in a heatwave can only continue, if you have air conditioning, or just cease to do much of anything.

I always enjoy the summer heat, but I prefer drier, slightly cooler temperatures. But…I’ll survive, until the heat breaks and life as I know it (and like it) returns!

Stay cool everyone!

5 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot!”

  1. lol i had to carry Wolf a bit of the way home last night cause he was so hot. And we were out less than 10 minutes!

  2. I read about heatwaves all over the place from Canada to Hong Kong but here in San Francisco, it’s soooo cold. It’s foggy, cloudy and COLD! Wish some of those nice heat heads over to my side of the world 🙂

  3. We are sitting in the same boat, only it’s not humid here, there is even a little breeze. Of course nobody has airconditionning here, we have a small one on wheels for the living room. I do like in Italy, in the morning I open all windows and let the cool air in, then I close them all and the shutters too, then the house stays nice and cool.

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