Happy Birthday, Fritz!

Today was Mr. Fritz’s 7th Birthday! Can you believe that? It seems just the other day that Hubby flew out to Portland, Oregon and brought home our 8 week old bundle of fluffy white puppy fur!

Fritz Birthday from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

We’ve always felt blessed to have Fritz. He is simply, the very best White German Shepherd that we have ever had! It’s hard to believe that he is 7 years old.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Fritz!”

  1. If I could I would get an enormous real bone from our Italian stand on the market like Ric always gets for Yanouk our neighbor’s dog. Meanwhile a very happy birthday to Fritz ! He is such a beauty !!

  2. LOL! Happy Woofday you beautiful overgrown fur-ball! (honestly… he is a GORGEOUS dog… but would ya just LOOK at that PUPPY??? too cute for his own good i tell ya!)

  3. Happy Birthday Fritzi,
    all the best to you and stay in health lifelong.
    We send you lots of hugs,
    Volker, Uschi and Noah

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