Well, it looks like after all that traveling to Germany, and finding just the right husband for Anneliese, she has just ONE baby inside of her. I’m disappointed and worried about Anneliese because a big baby can be difficult for a mom to deliver, and can require a cesarean.

The ultrasound showed the puppy moving. I could see a little paw swimming, and a heart beating. That part made me want to cry with happiness! However, we could only find one puppy on the ultrasound, so we opted for the x-ray.

Anneliese baby 1

I’ve outlined (roughly) the baby so you can see how big it is and about where it is. It is still swimming around and my hope is that it will stay headed in the right direction and that Anneliese can deliver “Moose Puppy” without assistance.

Well, I guess we cannot get exactly what we want in life. I will just be happy if both Anneliese and her ONE baby come through the birth in one piece and healthy.

Please say a little prayer for both Anneliese and her baby. It will probably be fine, but I am a nervous mommy/grand-mommy.

I take Anneliese back in on Monday and we will have another ultra-sound and if needed an x-ray. We need to make sure that all is set for Anneliese and her big event. After all, the end of next week is her due date! August 5th!

So keep your fingers crossed that the baby puppy isn’t too big and that Anneliese is able to deliver it naturally and safely for both of them!

Meanwhile, tomorrow I will work getting the puppy room ready for our BIG little puppy! I cannot believe that it is almost time for  “Moose Puppy” to arrive!

10 thoughts on “One”

  1. Sorry to hear you are dissapointed and worried about the delivery… One lucky puppy will get all your attention and care!!

  2. Awe, the little (big) guy will be totally spoiled! 🙂 Sorry it´s only one, but I guess it´s like you said, you can´t plan everything. As long as it´s healthy and Anneliese is ok, all will be well.

  3. I have to laugh because I too looked at an ultrasound picture, only there I saw no tail (or only a very little one)but one arm and a big nose (I hope this will get smaller) Meanwhile my “puppy” is 26 cm (10.24) big.
    I am glad that there is only one, but I can understand your worries if Annelies’s baby is too big.

  4. I had no idea that dogs can actually only have ONE puppy… I thought two would be the minimum. So sad we won’t see more cute little babies, but I am sure this one will be over the moon cute 🙂

  5. I have never heard of a single puppy litter before! That is just AMAZING! I think ONLY Anneliese could DO it! 😉 I hope you didn’t have a LOT of hopeful new puppy owners lined up this time! And I will certainly offer up a little prayer for the little mama and her not so little puppy!

  6. I love the ultrasound….I’ve never seen one of a doggie before. I too didn’t know dogs can just carry one puppy. I’m sure all will go smoothly.

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