Glasses & Food I Do Not Like

The new glasses arrived and Hubby drove me down to the shop to pick them up. For those of you who wear glasses, you will understand how I felt. I put on the new glasses, with the new prescription and for the first few minutes I couldn’t see anything well.

Then slowly, my eyes adjusted and I am happy to report a real improvement in my overall vision! Since the doctor told me that I will not require surgery for a while, my goal is to have the best possible vision that I can.


We shopped and came home and I made a new recipe.  Chicken and sausage with vegetables. It sounded great, but when I sat down to eat it, I didn’t like it! Now this doesn’t usually happen, thus my lifetime membership at Weight Watchers! I simply love almost all food!!! However this chicken and sausage recipe just didn’t do anything for me, and after three bites, I pushed the dish away.

I did, however, eat all of my beets!

Hubby liked the recipe. He ate well and when I asked he said that he enjoys stews. So I wondered what it was that turned my taste-buds off? I am not sure. All of the ingredients were things that I liked, but together, well….

Tomorrow I am making two steaks. I may have Hubby fire up the grill and cook them outside. I have a real hankering for a good grilled steak!

Happy Friday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Glasses & Food I Do Not Like”

  1. They are very nice ! I too have an appointment with my eye doctor just for a check up. I think my view has changed again ! I wonder if I don’t have to have new glasses too !

  2. Thinking of getting new glasses too, sometime. I have my yearly check in Dec. Maybe then.
    I Love yours, looking great! Love YOU, Mel

  3. I love stews and make them at least once a week. This sounds good too. Sorry you didn´t like it. I love your new glasses.
    Have a good weekend Maribeth!

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