The Reunion, Part One

I suppose there is no other way to put this, but going on vacation often is more tiring than if you stayed home and didn’t go! Of course, we saw many places and visited people that we only see once every year or two, so that makes all the hassle worthwhile.

Now that it is over I will explain the event a bit more. Hubby served in the early 1960’s in the Army. He was a fixed wing pilot on the Otter and the Caribou Aircraft. Twenty-five years ago a few of the men who flew with Hubby in Vietnam started an organization of fellowship for these men and their wives. We joined 22 years ago, and have attended as many reunions as we could.

Oct 07 068

This year the Reunion was in Columbus, Georgia. Many of the men and their families were based here at one time or another. Hubby and his former wife even owned a home here. So there was a lot of reminiscing and a lot of touring around and visiting Fort Benning.

There is also the most fabulous museum dedicated to the men and women of the Infantry, right from the Revolutionary War to the present day. On Thursday we had tickets to tour The National Infantry Museum .

Oct 07 003

Quite honestly I thought it would be totally boring and I had Hubby and our friends drive out so that we could leave early if it was as boring as I thought.

How wrong I was! What a totally wonderful museum. I felt full of pride for our country, and the men and women who have served it. The displays were authentic and tasteful and so well done.

Oct 07 005

The time flew by as we received a docent-led tour of the museum and the World War II Buildings that have been moved to a site nearby. They had housed the Army forces at Fort Benning, and included a barracks, mess hall, orderly room and supply room. There was even a church which had been lovingly restored, and is still being used for weddings and funerals.


Oct 07 057

Hubby and Jim in Mess Hall.

When our tour was finished, we hopped in our rental car with our friends, and went on base. Both Hubby and Jim had served there and we drove around, as they looked for familiar places. Sadly, the base is not what they recalled and I think we all left feeling a bit disheartened that such a fine base is being wasted.

That night we went out for “Real Bavarian Food”. About the only thing that was authentically German in the place was the beer! We all ordered a cold tall one, and enjoyed every gulp!

Oct 07 095

I found that by the end of each day, all I wanted to do was collapse into bed and go to sleep. So forgive me for not writing everything out day by day. Trust me; I was on the go from early morning until late at night.

I will try to get it all written down before I forget. This was such a special Reunion and full of so many great times.

Stay tuned for Part two, tomorrow!

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