Thursday 13~Snow

I finally got my much wished for snow!

January Snow 2011 from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

Here are the 13 things I love about fresh snow.

1.   The clean bright surface it gives my otherwise plain yard in the winter.

2.   How pretty it is to watch during the day, when it is falling.

3.   The way it can swirl and blow around looking so full of energy and yet so easily falling to the ground.

4.   Snowmen.

5.   The quiet of fresh snow. Before the plows get out, when the ground is completely covered, there is a quiet that is describable. I love that silence.

6.   Rides in the Jeep after the roads have been cleared to see the beauty of the snowfall.

7.   The birds that come out looking for a morsel of food.

8.   The way the dogs run, hither and yon, through the snow like little kids!

9.   Seeing only the heartiest of souls out at the Post Office picking up their mail today. It’s funny, but there were more than you might think.

10. Seeing neighbors help neighbors.

11. Pink cheeks after shoveling snow.

12. Watching the radar on my computer to track the storm.

13. The way Hubby and the dogs come in and curl up for naps after being outside in the snow.

Yes, I’ve now had a nice big snow fall, and all is right in my world. I’m a happy little New Englander. It’s quite funny, but my sister, who lives in an area not known for large amounts of snow, got the most snow in all of the New England area! We got considerably less, but I am still quite happy!

8 thoughts on “Thursday 13~Snow”

  1. We have more snow than we ever have had here since we lived here and I think dating back to the 1800’s! It is amazing! Love YOU, Mel

  2. I think if you would live here you would hate snow !!
    Streets are not cleaned and it’s dangerous to use your car ! you are just locked in. But it’s true, you can count on your neighbors !

  3. I got up at 430 am the morning of the storm because I was SO excited to see the snow! Yesterday I spent lots of time just watching it swirl around…and laughing at Wolf trying to negotiate it!

    “otherwise plain yard”??? I think not! Your yard, back and front, is gorgeous!

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