Rainy days and Thursdays

It was one of those days when people were in and out of my house attempting to fix things. First up, the cable modem guys, who arrived, tried to fix my slowed cable modem connection, and wound up knocking me off line! (I am using a dial up server I keep on retainer for when we are traveling) Now they tell me that all of my home town is affected, and they are not sure when it will be back up and running. I’m trying not to take this personally, as I know that there are others in my town who are without www contact! What did we do before we had the Internet?
In the last week I have written 4 snail mail letters, and actually called a few people on the phone. But I am unable to check prices for a new freezer I’d like to get, and this means that I will have to, (gasp) leave the house and go shopping in person!
The dishwasher man came and got the dishwasher all fixed, ran it through a cycle and found the main gasket was leaking badly and he will need to order that and of course, that won’t be in until next week. So, I once again washed the dishes by hand. (I am so spoiled!)
Now that I have a definite date for my surgery, (June 16th) I am starting to cook and freeze meals. I have also started a major cleaning of the house as I will be down and out for a while. At least as far as the heavy cleaning goes. Would like to get out to the camper as well and get it cleaned. If only the weather were a little better.
And speaking of the weather…when oh when, is the sun going to shine, the temperatures warm and my blossoms bloom?

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  1. It’s shinning here! My raindance worked at last. We are off to Taft’s graduation from pre-school!

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