You Won’t Believe This!

I awoke with hopes that my Internet service would have magically been restored in the night. Slowly, with caution and hope, I opened my browser and I get this page:
“Welcome to “SuchandSuch Cablevision” Congratulations on getting your new cable modem hook up! Please complete the form below and then you can begin to surf the WWW!!! If you are already a SuchandSuch customer, please call technical support to report this error.”
It took me 1/2 an hour to reach tech support. She goes through several steps that had previously been attempted and then exclaims,
“I can’t talk to your modem! It’s not responding!”
What have I been saying for the last week?

The Techie says she will have dispatch call me with a time for service.
An hour later, no call so I call Customer Service. I explain what is happening and what has been happening for the last week. I am assured that dispatch will call me any minute.
An hour later I am pretty upset, and I call Customer Service (wrong name for that department!) back.
The woman informs me that they can come “fix” my problem next Tuesday! WHAT!!!!!!!!
I go over the entire history of the problem, which is now a week old. I tell her about the two visits we have already had from the service department, (also inappropriatly named) and she says:
“According to our records you have only had one service call. That was on Tuesday. When the Serviceman tried to contact you yesterday he says you weren’t home.”
I am nearly speechless! Then I explode. This was the same guy who hated my dogs, the same guy who hated his job, the same guy who hates “Law and Order” even though he is studying to be a Cop.
I inform the woman on the phone that this man was here, that he did very little but complain, and that we had slowly running service when he arrived and then NO SERVICE when he left.
She tells me that Tuesday is the best she can do.
I demand to speak to her manager. She informs me that her manager is out and that she can put me through to her voice mail. I say no way I want a person, not a friggin’ machine! She promices to have the manager call me back.
Hubby arrives home from his blood test. I inform him about all the problems of the morning. He calmly calls, starts chatting with the customer service lady, and before I know it, he is talking to her about her subdivision, how nice it is there, and has secured a visit from SuchandSuch Cablevision today.
After he hung up, I stared at him. What are we Good Cop, Bad Cop?
“You know” I tell him, “They are probably all sitting there saying, ‘that poor man, married to such a witch!'”
Now everyone cross your fingers that they can actually find and fix our problem!

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