Busy Work

Saturday was like most Saturdays in my life. Cooking, laundry and dog walking. The sun was out, the grass is green and deep, as all the rain has prevented us from mowing it.

I did get the chance to clear out the zucchini, summer squash and some of the dead cucumber plants in the garden. It’s looking rather amazing in there right now. It’s so early in the summer for the garden to be so empty!

Unfortunately the squashes and some of the cucumber plants got powdery mildew, and that was the end of them!

Sunday we will be canning our batch of Dill Pickles. I sure hope they have come out well. remember we have 10 pounds of cucumbers pickling!

I made 4 quarts of tomato sauce on Friday and here I am cooking down more tomatoes. I think this batch will have to be for chili.

I’m looking forward to a slightly less hectic Sunday. Perhaps I can actually read the newspaper after we can the pickles!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Busy Work”

  1. Love Pickles! We are off to church with friends and then brunch. It should be a good day. Love YOU, Mel

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