Dashing Through The Snow

I love watching Greta in the snow. Yesterday we had 7-8 inches of the fluffy white stuff and our girl, who doesn’t stand much higher than that, went out to play. She had an old tennis ball, and would push it through the snow with her nose. Then she would toss it and jump through the snow to find it. How wonderful it was to play!!!
Dec 16a3 001.jpg
She would play and play until I could see her shivering and then I would call her to come in so she could warm up.
Dec 16a3 023.jpg

Dec 16a3 024.jpg
It was such a wonderful thing to watch.

3 thoughts on “Dashing Through The Snow”

  1. Yesterday we had the threat of more snow but we actually got more rain and the temps had gotten higher. So not only was it it warmer, the rain washed all the snow away!:)

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