Savannah, 10 Months Old

On Friday Hubby and I met up with Mandy and Savannah for lunch. I cannot describe to you in adequate words, what it is like to walk into a restaurant, walk over to your grandchild, call her name, and see a bright smile light up her face!

March 15 005

Yeah, I just melted into a big Grandma puddle!

She is growing and changing so fast that I simply cannot believe it! She is now eating real food! I was amazed at her chowing down on broccoli and actually liking it!

Mandy got orange chicken and Savannah’s first bites she made the funniest faces! Priceless!

March 15 006

I am just so proud of my daughter. She is such a good mother and it is obvious to see that she is doing it all right, as Savannah has to be the happiest baby I’ve ever seen!

March 15 007

And Mandy, one of the happiest mothers!

3 thoughts on “Savannah, 10 Months Old”

  1. That’s amazing ! Toby loves broccolis too ! Now he eats with a spoon but at that age he ate with his fingers alone, I found this rather surprising that nobody fed him, but apparently it’s recommended because then the child eats like it wants to and is not stuffed up with food !
    It was a rather dirty period, because there was food everywhere, lol !

  2. Love those pictures and that baby and her Mom too! Not to mention the Grandma! Love YOU, Mel

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