Spring Cleaning…

First, I want all spammers to go away! I’ve been inundated with spam and it’s driving me crazy. I like a nice neat inbox and Blog page!

Saturday was what I’d like to call a whirl-wind cleaning day. I’d decided to make up a list of all I needed to do, and then try to get as much done as I could.

So I started at 8:30 AM and did everything from vacuuming my entire house, dusting, washing three bathrooms, and scrubbing all the floors in the house that are not carpeted! I also made three meals, did 5 loads of laundry, and folded it and put it all away!

My recliner is covered and I will get the pillow and sheets prepared for when I come home, but I won’t put those on until I’m actually here and can keep the dogs away.

Sunday is packing day and organizing our bags. Hubby wants to bring his laptop, and since he is coming along, I will bring my laptop as well.

Yes, a whirl-wind! But it’s looking and smelling great in this house!

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning…”

  1. Glad you are getting so much done. It will be great to just rest and heal when everything is over. Thinking of you and praying that all will be well. Love YOU, Mel

  2. I need to start too….pls be aware that your yahoo acct is sending out spam mail with the subject “Hot News” and a strange link. I deleted it without opening.

  3. I am getting HAMMERED as well!!!! It is on a single post, NYE 2008 (of all things)!!! I am about to turn onn the switch that you can not comment anonomusly anymore if it continues – giving it until Friday!

    I am about to do an autumnal clean… Certainly needs a good one!!!

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