The End Of The Week

Hubby and I are unhappy to announce that the cherries on our trees all rotted! Yes, because we have had such terrible wet weather, the poor cherries didn’t stand a chance. They started to redden, and then turned soft and brown and so rotten that even the the birds didn’t want them!

Meanwhile, we picked our first cucumbers today. 2 slicers and 3 picklers. I think that Hubby should make his German Cucumber Salad.

With the vast amount of rain that we have had, the bees have not been doing their work, and the garden is not overflowing as it usually is! Hopefully the rain will subside a bit and once again I will be complaining about too much zucchini and summer squash!

After nearly ten years of life, guess who has discovered ice cream? Fritz! He absolutely loves vanilla ice cream! Since I only give him a little (people ice cream isn’t good for him), I plan to get the doggy ice cream for his birthday on July 26th! After all, a ten year old doggy deserves what ever he wants!

3 thoughts on “The End Of The Week”

  1. Oh no, that’s sad about the Cherries.
    Here everything is behind in growing too. We finally have some tomatoes but they are still green and we had two cucumbers last weekend ready to eat.
    The carrots are doing well, the garden radish is growing nicely and I hope my lettuce will survive the snails.

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