Friday Five

Friday Five

As the week closes out, I often find myself with a little of this or a little of that happening in my life. So I decided to put it together and call it my Friday Five. I will try to keep it short and yet interesting.

  1. This has been an incredibly busy week for me, and yet productive. After years of toying with actually cleaning out my closet, I finally got it done! I was so proud of it, that when Janet came over the other day I even brought her in to show her the beautiful, clean closet!
  2. My new over sized (110 inches x120 inches) King blanket has now arrived! Most king sized blankets (108 inches x 90 inches) do not have enough material to tuck in. Well when we get into bed with three dackels and toss and turn, soon they have all the covers and Hubby and I are tugging for some covers. The new blanket is light blue, and absolutely beautiful! And it will cover us all well!
  3. Next week I am going to go in and start cleaning the office. I am going to do this! I have written about it for years. Yes, that’s right, years! But after finishing my closet I now feel determined to get the office done!
  4. Today, Barry the appliance repair man came and fixed our dryer, and it did not cost an arm, leg or a dackel. Not only did he fix the problem, but he cleaned the inside of the machine. He was telling me about all the dust that gathers inside the machine (in back of the drum). Many people do not know that if you have had your dryer as long as mine, you would do well to have it professionally cleaned. Tomorrow I wash sheets!!!!
  5. Lastly, I am just thrilled with the win by my Boston Red Sox last night for the World Series! This team had one thing that many other baseball teams did not have this year. They had heart. Their coach was wonderful and in the end these men not only loved their fans, they loved and respected each other! Cheers to my World Champions!

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  1. I love this picture, and it was so nice to see you! Thanks for the jelly! I’ll return the bag, my boss (I guess I should refer to her as my friend Laurie now LOL) had a smaller, lighter bag that she let me borrow!

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